Adult Bible Study

Adult Bible Study is made up a group of women that love their time together and enjoy studying the Lectionary Study from Cokesbury. Led by Barry Dillion, this class connects with the Bible and each other. Adult Bible Study meets in the Conference Room near the Church Offices.


The Friendship Class began as the “Young Adult Group” 30+ years ago and is still a large, strong, and vibrant group. They are a community that supports and loves each other, enjoys time together socially, and works hard to make everyone feel welcome. This class uses books and DVD based studies that change about every 6 to 8 weeks. Adam Hamilton, Mike Slaughter, and John Ortberg are just some of the writers this class has studied. Friendship meets on the lower level of the church in the Reception Hall.


The Foundations Class is a fun group of folks- mostly parents of school age children that do not shy away studying very interesting lessons. Most recently they used “The Gospel According to the Simp-sons” as well as “Andy Griffith Show Bible Study.” This is a group that is facilitated by a member of the class but is more discussion based. Foundations meets on the lower level of the church at the end of the Elemen-tary Sunday School classes in room 10.

Living in the Faith

The Living in the Faith group is a mid-size to large gathering of folks that enjoys studies that have a DVD or multimedia component. This class has used some very engaging studies including Adam Hamilton’s books but also is not afraid to try something new. Over the summer the group has hosted the youth for a multi-generational “NOOMA” study that was very fruitful. The studies change about every 6-8 weeks and are led by a small group that shares teaching responsibilities. Living in the Faith meets on the up-per level of the church in the Fellowship Hall, just past the kitchen.

Walking in the Spirit

WITS is small group of adults that loves each other and includes a service ele-ment. Periodically the group serves at the Rescue Mission together as well as monthly Sundays they take class time to make quilts for Cancer patients, or others that may have a need. This group also loves to use multimedia lessons and will take their time going through studies with a discussion style presentation. WITS meets on the lower level of the church at the beginning of the Elementary Sunday School classes in room 7.

Wrestling with Our Faith

Wrestling with our Faith is a small group of adults that has been using our sub-scription to “RightNow Media” for their studies. Facilitated by a leader but very discussion and conversation based, this group supports and loves on each other and is active in praying for each other and the communi-ty. Wrestling with Our Faith meets on the lower level church at the beginning of the Weekday School hallway, room 24.

Journey  is “Cave Spring 101.” We offer it the first 3 Sundays of every month but there are some exceptions so please check our calendar. This class explores Cave Spring’s core values of Experience God – Grow Together – Serve Others. It is taught by pastors and staff and is an excellent way to know others and connect to a small group. We spend time discussing why we do the things we do in terms of Worship, discuss how and where to plug in and connect, and explore our Spiritual Gifts and talk about the best ways to use your gifts within the community. We also take a tour of the building. Journey meets in the lower level of the church in the preschool area, room 3.