August 3, 2015 Ray

The Journey

Next Month’s  group is open for you to start your Faith Journey. 

Have you made plans to join a Journey Group?

I hope that you have heard about Journey- we have been talking about it quite a bit.. More than half of the  folks attending have been members of Cave Spring United Methodist Church. What does that mean to you? Please don’t think this is a “New Members Class.” It’s not. Joining a Journey group doesn’t require a large time commitment- just three weeks during our normal Sunday School hour, 9:50-10:45. The first three weeks of every month.

What can you expect?
Well, there will be time spent around a table getting to know the others in the group. We separate each week into one of three topics:

  • How Cave Spring UMC hopes to help you Experience God.
  • How Cave Spring UMC has designed ways for us all to Grow Together.
  • The many ways Cave Spring UMC has available for you to Serve Others.

We also take a Spiritual Gifts Survey and then discuss what gifts you have and what service opportunities are available that use those gifts.

We even take a tour of the church. So- as you are looking at your plans for May, June, July, August- can you pick the month that works for you to come to Journey? It’s easy to sign up- just head over to our website and choose the month that fits. Do you teach Sunday School? The summer months would be a great time to join a group. I promise you will not regret it!!
Please feel free to ask me, Jill-Marie, if you have any questions what so ever.


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