Sunday School CSUMC

Sunday School

Sunday School Class Offerings
Sunday School starts at 9:45am every Sunday morning unless otherwise noted

Adult Bible Study
Conference Room

The Adult Bible Study class goes directly to the source for the Word of God, the Bible. Using the Uniform Series of International Bible Lessons as its guidebook, this small group delves deeply every week into the Bible. Lessons put the Bible into its historical context and then apply its meaning directly to our lives today. The class covers both the Old and New Testaments. If you have found it difficult to find your way into the Bible and how to use the Bible to find God’s will for your life, then come and visit with Adult Bible Study. The class heartily and warmly welcomes occasional visitors and new members who want to make sense of the Bible in their lives today. This fall’s lessons will be based on the Book of Genesis. The class is led by Barry Dillon.

Friendship Class
Reception Hall
The Friendship Class is a cohesive group of folks, mostly middle-aged and seniors, many of whom have been a part of the class for years. The class makes every effort to live up to its name and has enjoyed adding many new members who have reduced the group’s average age, and broadened its horizons. Friendship is taught by six to eight class members on a rotating basis and thrives on lively discussion and class participation. The varied teaching styles make for interesting discussions and outlooks. The class is currently doing the Randy Frazee study Believe – Living the Story of the Bible to Become Like Jesus. This study has 31 sessions of teacher led discussion, ten-minute videos, then a wrap up of the lesson. The group is really enjoying this study, which can easily be joined at any time and will last until the beginning of Advent. Friendship is service oriented and collects additional “red cup” funds each week for use in answering the call when there is a need in our church, or community.

Living the Faith
Fellowship Hall
This medium-sized, multi-generational class aims for studies that apply God’s word to the joys and challenges of daily living. Most studies last four to six weeks and include a short video, followed by class discussion. The class is small enough for everyone who wants to contribute to discussions to do so, and large enough for those who prefer to quietly listen to do just that. Each meeting starts with joys and concerns, and the group makes every effort to support those in need with prayer, cards, meals and love. The class collects a Samaritan fund for use as church and community needs arise, and serves a monthly meal to the children of Trinity Community Outreach Program during the school year. New members are always  welcome. John Adams leads this class along with substitute leaders Bill Hughes and Duff Rearick.

Room 10
Foundations is a small class, mostly made up of parents of school-aged children. Class members take turns leading discussions, using a sign-up-as-you-are-able style. Group studies have covered a wide range, from traditional Bible studies to current events. Recently, the class has enjoyed studies by Mike Slaughter and Adam Hamilton, and even a study based on The Andy Griffith Show. Once a month, the class takes a turn setting up weekly supplies for the church’s Backpack Ministry.

Young Adults
Room 3
Most members of this still new, small group oriented class are in their 30s. The class does rotating Bible studies. The group first took a several week journey through Proverbs and is now covering various subjects such as the Sermon on the Mount and the 12 Disciples. The class has discussions about the written subject matter and sometimes includes a video. Overall, the focus of the group is to get engaged in reading scripture and becoming more knowledgeable about Christianity, while forming relationships with other church members. The class is led by Thomas Mitchell.

Walking in the Spirit
Room 7
WITS is small group of adults that loves each other and includes a service element. Periodically the group serves at the Rescue Mission together as well as monthly Sundays they take class time to make quilts for Cancer patients, or others that may have a need. This group also loves to use multimedia lessons and will take their time going through studies with a discussion style presentation.

Wrestling With Our Faith
Room 24
A small group of adults that has been using our subscription to RightNow Media for their studies. Facilitated by a leader but very discussion and conversation based, this group supports, cares, and actively prays for each other and the community