Cave Spring UMC Response to Called General Conference

Dear friends,

On Tuesday evening after the final decisions were made at the Called General Conference of the United Methodist Church, Pastor Denise sent out an email reflecting on those decisions and how they affect Cave Spring UMC.

We share this email with you in hopes of educating everyone on these decisions and informing everyone that despite these decisions Cave Spring UMC will remain the same church that it was before this Called General Election.

If you have any questions about the Called General Election, the Way Forward, and the decisions that were made, please feel free contact Pastor Denise or Pastor Joanna.

A Note From Pastor Denise:

Friends, as I write this email, I am listening to the final moments of the General Conference.  These words are being sung: "Spirit of the Living God, fall afresh on me".  These last 4 days have been days of worship, prayer, praise and passionate discussions.  Although more information will be available in the days ahead, the General Conference approved the Traditional Plan.  There are continuing questions of a UM constitutional nature,  even while the clock ticks down to 6:30pm (local time), which is the closing time for the General Conference. 

My prayer at this moment is that we open all our hearts to the movement of God's great Holy Spirit, as we find our way in this challenging time for people, churches and the UM Church as a whole. As people of faith, we should always do this--but especially in times where the future is unclear.  I ask you to continue to be in prayer in the days ahead as we wrestle with the impacts of the decision made at General Conference.  I pray that you will join us as we worship together as church family this Sunday, sharing in communion and community. 
I also encourage you to tune in to our Bishop's "State of the Church: Where Do We Go From Here? " live stream on Monday, March 4 at 10:00 AM  A link is available on . Above all, and no matter what, keep the words of Jesus in your heart in all the days ahead:  "Love one I have loved you."(John 13:34)

With the grace of Christ,
Pastor Denise