Sacraments United Methodist


Holy Communion is a means of God’s grace. It is a sharing in fellowship of bread and juice in remembrance of Jesus Christ. The Communion table is God’s table. It is not the table of The United Methodist Church or Cave Spring United Methodist Church, therefore it is open to all of every age and station. You do not need to be a member of Cave Spring UMC or any church to partake. It is only asked that you repent of sin (turn away from sin) and turn towards God’s love. It nourishes us to lead our life in Christ. At Cave Spring, we traditionally celebrate Communion on the first Sunday of each month in each service and every Sunday during the 8:45 service. It is also observed during seasonal worship services. We also have a team dedicated to sharing communion with those who cannot attend worship services. For more information, please contact the church office.

Baptism is a sign of God’s grace. It is an act of God, witnessed in community, by which we are welcomed into the family of God. Baptism is administered to all ages including infants. The method of baptism may be sprinkled, poured, or immersed.  Because baptism calls us to nurture one another, it is celebrated with the congregation during worship. Baptism is of God; therefore, if one has been baptized by another Christian denomination, the  United Methodist recognizes and celebrates that one baptism! For more information, please call the church office and request a visit with the Pastor.