Short-Term Missions


UpLift Missions
is the umbrella Mission for several Cave Spring UMC short-term mission teams .   People are encouraged to participate in the projects that best meets their  time schedule and interests.

The time listed is the time on the worksite.   If you would like to help organize any of the projects,  expect to spend a few extra hours on the phone or email getting  everything and everybody in order.

 Servants at Work (SAW) Team:  This team carries out several  missions.

Simple home repairs for  our members that are physically and/or financially not able to do the repairs themselves.

Skills Needed:  All levels.    Cleaning,  painting, repairing.  Yard work,  Inside/outside of home repair.   Roof repair is NOT available.
Time Needed:  As needed.    Two-three times a year.

Renovation Alliance  constructs wooden access ramps during the winter months to be installed for their clients during the rest of the year.
The Saw Team provides the labor and builds the ramps using  sort of an assembly line . The Saw Team has also, on occasions,  been asked to help install
some the the ramps.

Skills Needed:  None.  Will be using mostly power tools and maybe a hammer.   If installing ramps team lifting will be required.
Time Needed:   For ramp building: Three to fives days  over a couple of months. Usually  January to March.

Renovation Alliance  also sponsors a  one day “community service ” event every year.  Cave Spring UMC  has provided several teams in support of this project.
Skills Needed:  Task will be matched to your skill.
Time Needed: One day.

United Methodist Volunteers In Mission (UMVIM)Through  UMVIM the church sends  teams to assist in Disaster Relief throughout the region.
During the last decade, the church has sent teams to  locations in  Louisiana, Mississippi, New York, North Carolina, West Virginia, and Virginia.   The VIM team is in great need of more participates.  If you can give a week of you time, usually in October,  or just want more information  please let it be known.

Skill Needed: Really none, but a little experience in  home repair goes a  long way.    As a rule what we don’t know we figure out.
Time Needed:   A full week, once a year.

ASP Adults:   Not really a part of the UpLift Mission, but several people who serve on UpLift teams also go on the annual ASP trip.   This is usually held in June or July and will last a week.   The work  can be challenging but progress is always made as the home projects move from one group to the next each week.

Skill Level: Follow simple instructions.
Time Needed:  One week a year during summer.

Ramp Team  The church has  some  aluminum  access ramps that , if available,  any church member with need, can request.   The Ramp Team will survey the home site to determine if the available ramp can be configured for  the home.  If so, they will deliver , setup , and retrieve  the ramp when requested.

Skills Needed:  None. Some  team lifting  required.
Time Needed:   Two-three times a year.      Expect a full day to install a ramp.   Half-day to remove a ramp.