January sermon series

won’t you be my neighbor? 


Come and hear what Jesus and Mr. Rogers has to say about being a good neighbor.  


Please join us for Sunday worship. 

We have a service for everyone. 

First Church

8:45 AM

Held in the CSUMC Sanctuary, this service is traditional, prayer, and is patterned after the church in the Book of Acts. This service is fully devoted to the apostles’ teachings, fellowship, the breaking of break, and prayer.


Wellspring Service 

9:00 AM

Held in Wesley Hall this is CSUMC’s contemporary service. During this service a Praise Band performs and graces the worshipers with the singing of non-traditional songs. The final honor of this service is the giving praise to His Father in heaven.


Sanctuary Service

11:00 AM

Held in the in the CSUMC Sanctuary this service is graced with standard hymns and anthems performed by the Chancel Choir. This worship service is thoughtful and centered on our need for God in our daily lives.

Here at Cave Spring UMC, we have four core goals that we strive towards everyday. We uphold these goals not just for our members but for our entire community. 

Experience God

We will be a church that celebrates hospitality and welcomes those within our walls and beyond.

Grow Togther

We will be a church that provides avenues of connection to authentic relationships for ALL people.

Serve Others

We will be a church that cultivates equipped followers that do ministry daily.

One Church

We will be a church that wants to serve the many faces of Jesus and actively participates in serving the worldwide church with our neighbors near and far.

Interested in joining us? 

Then, say hello!